About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website, I pray and hope you have enjoyed the portfolio.


Born in the Bronx, New York and traveled throughout the United States, I have experienced and seen so much. During these experiences I can only tell about them versus showing them. This is where I have fell in love and appreciate the world of photography.

To capture those moments in time that cannot be duplicated, to preserve history, to tell a story or even better, produce images of memories…..”Photographic Memories”; which is my driving force behind my photography.

I realize there are many other professional photographers that you can turn to, with each one that has their own unique style and personality. I believe what sets me apart from them is that I do not see this as a job or a hobby, but as an invitation to enter into someone’s life to capture images of life changing moments, to be part of one’s life story told by my photography.

Photographic Memories by Andre & Jerrie welcome the opportunity to capture those photographic needs that you may have.


I am the co-founder and confidant of Photographic Memories by Andre & Jerrie. After being introduce to the love and passion of photography by my husband Andre; I’ve become a big fan and learned a great appreciation of this art. It is truly a Blessing to be given the opportunity to enter into one’s life to capture and create those unforgettable memories.

I bring my flair of marketing and fun for travel. My associate degree in marketing along with being a certified travel consultant continues to provide a great skill combination to assist our customers to capture those images of moments in time, memories for you, your family and friends.

To have photo images on cellphones and IPads are nice and somewhat convenient, but to have photographic images of life’s precious moments in a photo album, will last a lifetime.

Let Photographic Memories by Andre & Jerrie capture those photographic memories and needs that you may have.